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Reasons Gavin Newsom Should Seek the Company of Joanna Newsom

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  1. She’s a genius, she’s gorgeous, and Bjork is out of your league.
  2. As far as we know, she isn’t a blood relative.
  3. The harp is the sexiest of all musical instruments, other than the bagpipe and the accordion.
  4. She will introduce you to Devendra Banhart, who can help you do something else with your hair.
  5. She’ll give you something to brag about next time San Francisco political rival Matt Gonzalez attempts to flaunt his knowledge of John Coltrane, Joy Division and the Clash.
  6. Her arranger is Van Dyke Parks, who has worked closely with Brian Wilson and can hook you up with a good therapist.
  7. Her obsession with the mythical Breton city of Ys will help educate you about the dangers of coastal flooding.
  8. Gift shopping at second-hand stores and Renaissance Faires rather than designer boutiques will save you money.
  9. The next time you give a speech that is a bit lengthy and self-involved, you can mention that “Only Skin” lasts almost seventeen minutes.
  10. You’d make an excellent mayor of Nevada City, California.

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