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Bo Diddley on Opening for the Clash

Everyone hearts Bo Diddley, everyone hearts The Clash. And once upon a time it all came together. One can only imagine the evening was slathered in awesomesauce, but “every generation has its own little bag of tricks.” Now about those amp stacks…

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  1. “every generation got it’s own little bag of tricks.”

    did you see the comments on youtube, many suggesting he is thinking of the PA system, but stacked amps does not compute.

    got to wonder if he’s actually remembering fronting the Grateful Dead in ’72 with their nascent version of the Wall of Sound?

  2. Scot Hacker permalink

    Commenters are probably right re: PA vs. the amp stack. But I don’t think he’s slagging on the Clash – more just complaining about the volume level overall, which is totally legit, especially for an older guy.

  3. he concedes it’s generational at the end (hence my quot.), but he also says all you really need is a guitar and one amp, and suggests the airplane-engine roar is kind of a crutch.

    but yeah also a “won’t you kids turn down that music” kinda thing…

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