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Stereo Stack

Simple but glorious idea: Scan all those 1″ banners at the top of old-timey LP covers that let the listener know what they were about to hear would be delivered in Full Living Stereo. Then make a giant tower out of them. Total visual treat. Click to shuffle the deck.

Vintage LP stereo banners stacked by Jive Time Records and Project Thirty-Three:

From → More Cowbell

  1. I really do kind of miss the aesthetic of old (pre-rock) LPs, sometimes.

  2. Scot Hacker permalink

    Totally. I got a phono pre-amp with USB for xmas, so have started the process of going through all my old LPs, deciding which ones to digitize. It’s incredibly difficult – each one is meaningful to me in a different way. But some of those old LPs I have to keep just for the covers, even if I don’t care about the music much.

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