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The Osmond Brothers' Mother's Cookbook

Osmonds-1 Playing a round of Scrabble (no, not that kind) with the wife tonight, needed some good thinkin’ music to get in the groove. What better choice than a far-from-pristine LP copy of Donny Osmond’s 1973 opus, A Time For Us? But lo, what should greet my hungry eyes when sliding the record out of its sleeve? This tantalizing grid of original Osmond product offers, each one better than the last (pardon the stitched-together scan).

I’ve always wondered what would happen if you actually tried to order something you found in a 30-year-old comic book or, in this case, record sleeve (assuming you had the balls to actually cut up the sleeve to get to the order form, leaving your prize records defenseless against the cardboard outer sleeve). Would your money go into a black hole? Or would some sweet old lady sitting bored at a desk in front of a warehouse full of long-unsold merch cheerfully put your order together and send it on its way? It’d definitely be the purple tank top for me.

The order form is on the reverse, and emphasizes the Osmond’s Mormon roots: “Utah residents add 4.375% sales tax.”

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  1. love permalink

    Are you telling me the cookbook that Mother Osmond had out in the 1970’s? I been looking for it with no luck.

  2. shacker permalink

    love, Yes, that’s what the liner ads are referring to, but I doubt it’s available any more. :(

  3. donna zerkle permalink

    i have all 3 differnt osmond cookbook, i can sell for 250.00 for all mail m.o only

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