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Mutato Visual

Care Bear Something you probably didn’t know about proto-spudboy, de-evolutionist, and original jocko homo Mark Mothersbaugh: He’s been creating a mixed-media postcard every day — for over 30 years. Originally created as personal diaries, they’ve become an obsession, and now go on tour with him. The postcards combine media and styles freely — painting and illustration, found objects, unexpected backing materials. Some of them are gorgeous, some borderline art brut, but these have very little of the scent of late-model Devo. “I’ve probably got around 30,000 of them filed away now….and I keep making more every day,” Mothersbaugh says. His Beautiful Mutants series is also interesting, but the Photoshop tricks there are much more predictable than his more original paper-based mashups.

God made men, but monkeys applied the glue.
-From “Jocko Homo”

From → Cut-Out Bin

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