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Needle Drop: Pale Virgins and Scallywags

needledrop.jpgStuck writers dig the tradition of music magazines such as Down Beat playing tracks for famous musicians “blindfolded” to extract un-scripted gut reactions. Most of our musician friends are better described as “notorious” and some of them are shy– so for now, we’re slumming it and playing tracks for each other. In our inaugural Needle Drop, Scot Hacker and transient Stuck writer Benoit Baald traded tracks and riffed on them live via iChat. We’ve included the tracks here so you can play along — spoilers at the end of each section.

Scot drops the needle for Baald

Listen for yourself:


Benoit Baald: ok, go
Scot Hacker: rolling
BB: great bass line, and I love the tremelo on the guitar
SH: Is that 2nd voice female?
BB: seems very summery, lazy
Needle LyricsBB: and then the vocals come in!
SH: Beatnik thing.
BB: well, the lyrics rock, the singing is lacking
BB: and the disjointed phrasing…
SH: Lacking in that Dylan / Neil Young kinda way – not about beautiful voice.
BB: but still…
SH: But that also makes it more “real” in a perverse kind of way.
BB: not in the same class as young/dylan
SH: I love the rolling drums, almost timpani.
BB: but its mixed too up front, which doesn’t help
BB: but the lyrics are golden
BB: it’s a beautiful song
SH: How old do you think this is?
BB: damn
BB: um
BB: ’65?
SH: So close. ’67.
BB: no
BB: oh
BB: wow
SH: Want spoiler?
BB: and the vocal harmonies take off a bit at the end
BB: no
BB: reminds me of hair for some reason
BB: comin down
SH: Heh – Plenty of hair involved.
BB: ok
BB: lay it on me
SH: Fugs: “Comin’ Down”
BB: reaaaaalllly
BB: damn
BB: how is it that i never listened to the fugs?
SH: That doesn’t fit your picture of them?
BB: that’s not what i expcted
BB: i expected garagier
BB: this was a little jerry’s kids…
SH: They’ve got plenty of that – this is a “pretty” song of theirs.
BB: oh, ok
BB: it was at that
BB: i’m not sure it would get into regular rotation, but i’m damn glad you turned me onto it

Baald drops the needle for Scot

Listen for yourself:

SH: rolling
SH: That Buck Owens twang.
BB: yeah Harmonics SH: Scallywag! I love anything that uses the word “Scallywag.” 2nd only to “rapscallion.”
SH: That beat is so elemental – the guitar sound so pure. Mellotronic.
BB: y’know, a good song tells a story
SH: What’s that – harmonics?
BB: i think so
SH: Through a buzz filter?
BB: definitely one of the most bizarre guitar tones i’ve ever heard
SH: Yes, papa, well just a minnit!
BB: this was all pre-effects
SH: Totally.
SH: Soothing outro chord.
BB: so you get that the weird voice is the boyfriend mocking the dad, right?
SH: That was hilarious. Songs that incorporate a conversations are too rare.
SH: Ohh… I *didn’t* get that!
BB: they on the porch
BB: etc
SH: Yeah, it all fits now.
BB: ok, you get it now
BB: love that voice
SH: There’s a tradition of songs about boys in love with girls but who have to deal with the dad first.
BB: sounds like the wicked witch from wiz of oz
SH: Something I’ve strangely never had to deal with.
BB: ha!
BB: i once had a gf whose dad was a biker
BB: lived in a motel
SH: OK, I’m dying to know who this was.
BB: she brought me home to him and made me cook him dinner
BB: i’m LMO remembering this
Needle-Oil SH: I’m sure that won him over. “Used motor oil slick pasta.”
BB: lmao
BB: i think i was shaking
BB: i kinda broke it off with her after that
BB: STOOPIDEST thing i ever did
SH: Well, I’m shaking now. So give it up. Who’d we hear?
BB: The Carlisles, “Is Zat You Myrtle”
BB: let me get the date
BB: hold on
SH: The Carlisles. I’ll have to add that to the rotation.
BB: 1953
SH: Dang – you beat me by a decade and a half.
BB: it’s from that Boppin Hillbilly, Red Hot Rockabilly box i get
SH: Hillbilly at its Jethro-est.
BB: damn, it loops seamlessly
BB: bizarre
BB: for the past ten minutes i’ve been like “damn, this is the longest 2:17 i’ve EVER heard”
SH: LOL – I’ve been in silence for three minutes.
SH: OK, cut.

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