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About Christian Crumlish

xianChristian (xian) Crumlish was raised on classical music, show tunes, and Frank Sinatra - with a maudlin Harry Chapin interlude in there - and then started listening to his older sister's pop records, from Sgt. Pepper to Jim Croce and Cat Stevens and later Foreigner. He discovered WPLJ in NY in the mid-seventies and was indoctrinated by repeated airings of Steely Dan's Aja and Steve Miller's Fly Like an Eagle, teetering on the edge of a soft-rock pablum heck.

In high school he was exposed to the Doors, rediscovered the Beatles, and got hep to Ian Dury and the Blockheads. In college he went retro, succumbing to the lysergic web of inquiry surrounding the mid-to-late-early-mid-late Grateful Dead, but also got on board with old school (at the time new school) hip hop like Run DMC and Fab Five Freddy, obscure reggae from his DJ roommate, and New Romantic hits coming from the UK.

In Reagan-era job-slavery hell he finally caught onto the SST scene as it was waning, developing a life-long love for D. Boon, Mike Watt, Hüsker Dü and the Meat Puppies. Camper Van Beethoven somehow pushed all his buttons at once. He also learned he could trip out and dance at P-Funk shows sometime around then as well.

Sometime after that it all stopped making sense and his thousands of CDs began to bore him in an ever-rotating sequence. He looks to his social network for music recommendations now and values randomness and serendipity above all else.

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