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This Is a Public Service Announcement, With Ukulele

What’s been the most embarrassing moment at your job this year? If you’re a broadcaster, the answer is obvious: trying, and failing miserably, to pronounce the name of that pesky Icelandic volcano that has turned into nature’s equivalent of Grecian fiscal policy. Try as they might, the most seasoned of non-Scandinavian reporters repeatedly stumbled home with clouds in their airspace after pretending that Eyjafjallajökull could simply roll off the tongue. Only one TV network seemed to master the feat, and as you probably guessed, it was Al Jazeera. But it turned out they had an ace pronunciation lesson from Iceland’s own Eliza Geirsdottir Newman, who is exactly the singer and ukulele player you always wished your own teacher could be. Now you can take the same lesson at home by viewing the clip below, which answers the musical question of what would happen if Björk’s chipper blond cousin suddenly discovered the Moldy Peaches. The reporter gets extra bonus points for attempting to use Angela Merkel’s picture as a mnemonic device.

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