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Music That Cooks: Our Thanksgiving Playlists

For this year’s Thanksgiving, I posed this question to our Stuck Between Stations co-conspirators: “What music are you thankful for, and what would you suggest eating with it?” The results are posted below, including my edible playlist and helpings of pot luck from Zoe Krylova, Scot Hacker, Christian Crumlish, Benoit Baald, and Dan Haig. Need more Thanksgiving cheer? Check the heartwarming stories of Johnny Thunders struggling with a frozen turkey and the Rickrolling of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Zoe Krylova’s picks

PJ Harvey: rare steak and a baked potato
Patti Smith: hot chicken curry
Devendra Banhart: venison stew and a chimay
Vetiver: salad of mixed greens and wildflowers, elderberry wine
Bjork: dim sum
Joni Mitchell: assorted crackers and exotic cheeses
Neil Young: ribs
Classical Indian music: samosas and chai
Sun Ra: dark chocolate and smoothies
Reggae: jerk chicken & fresh lemonade

P.J. Harvey, “When Under Ether”

Sun Ra, “Pink Elephants”

Scot Hacker’s Picks

Elizabeth Cotten: For doing Fahey before there was Fahey, for being a chick doing the real gospel blues, for doing sweet folk without getting all Joan Baez on our asses, for making me float. Listen here. Note: The video above doesn’t do Cotten justice – definitely check out the Smithsonian collection of her works for the full effect. Recommended eating: Goat curry with IPA.

Music of Indonesia, Vol. 20: Indonesian Guitars: For reminding that none of us have heard the end of what the guitar is or does, or how it sounds. There’s always more pineapple to suck the juice out of, one more finger to lick. For reminding that the delta between Daniel Johnston, Japanese koto, and Bill Harkelroad converges on the Indian Ocean. Listen here. Recommended eating: Chicken satay and limeade.

Elizabeth Cotten, “Freight Train”

Roger Moore’s picks

Nick Lowe, “Let’s Eat”: bangers and mash, Boddington’s Pub Ale
Fats Waller: “All That Meat and No Potatoes”: cassoulet, Chateauneuf-de-Pape
Nina Simone, “I Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl”: creme brulee, armagnac
Lee Perry, “Roast Fish and Cornbread”: escoveitch fish, Jamaican cornbread, Red Stripe
Ramones: “Everytime I Eat Vegetables it Makes Me Think of You”: Nathan’s hot dog, root beer
Amadou and Miriam, “Senegal Fast Food”: thebouidienne (fish stew), hibiscus juice
Hank Williams, “Jambalaya”: jambalaya, crawfish pie, file gumbo, Everclear
John Lennon, “Cold Turkey”: turkey sandwiches, black coffee, aspirin
Roches, “The Troubles”: strawberry-apricot pie, milk
eX-Girl, “The Tofu Song”: kobe beef, cold sake
Cafe Tacuba, “Raratonga”: cochinita pibil, Dos Equis Amber
Howlin’ Wolf, “300 Pounds of Joy”: barbecue, lemonade
Wilco, “Pot Kettle Black”: Chicago deep-dish pizza, Goose Island Ale
Billie Holiday, “All of Me”: fava beans, a nice chianti

Amadou and Miriam, “Senegal Fast Food”

eX-Girl, “The Tofu Song”

Nick Lowe, “Let’s Eat”

Christian Crumlish’s picks

Van Morrison: steak and kidney pie
Pavement: corn dogs
Emmylou Harris: hush puppies
Mike Watt: truck stop empanadas
Tom Waits: possum

Pavement, “Gold Soundz”

Mike Watt, “Big Train”

Benoit Baald’s pick

Guns n’ Roses: pu-thay [Editor’s note: we think this is an Asian dish, but Baald is unavailable for comment]

Dan Haig’s pick

Recommended listening: The stuff that’s somehow still coming out of my fingers.

Recommended eating: I find it very hard to eat and play at the same time. Sort of like walking and chewing gum, only much harder.

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One Comment
  1. First let me say, this blog is GENIUS! :) these two men behind it will be famous writers/commentators on music matters one day…but that is my humble prediction (and very strong instinct!)

    SO: I’m sure all the writers-in are brilliant as well and I don’t want to be influenced…

    So, I will just think of my own combos before reading the others! ;)

    Right now, I have been listening to
    Ben HARPER on Jack’s Curious George soundtrack:
    I want to eat: coconut sorbet topped with fresh Hayden mango slices and sprinkled with cinnamon and shredded coconut. AND, sprinkled with ground flax seed. (got to stay healthy to the max! :)

    TOM petty: free falling, mary jane, won’t back down…all of it:
    I want POPCORN HOT fresh salty…organic.
    (and a dance party on the grass to accompany the eating of the popcorn) and lemonade. pink.

    Melissa Rapp: it is me, it’s true. And i do, sometimes, dare to put me in my own stereo. At which point, since I am finally releasing a 2005/6 recorded album….SO, I would say: let’s CELEBRATE! Chocolate banana cake made my own momma, with vanilla soy cream/dream…and fresh banana slices on to… and cinnamon (claro!) ;) and the sexiest red wine you can find to drink with that. AND champagne….but not Vueve…something BETTER and more honest. (this last bit is an inside joke, with myself… he he!)

    I am feisty today. This question is bringing it out of me!

    I would eat: PUMPKIN PIE made from an actual PUMPKIN and with that I would listen to:
    Kathleen Edwards, Jessie Baylin, or Meiko, by a warm fire place with someone holding me in their arms…and snow falling outside!

    I would put on Kate Nash and listen to “Foundations” (only)…the rest are not quite there…and I would get out Pixie sticks, and bang them against the table, then get out those giant cat’s tail plants that grow near my grandpa’s fish pond in the summer, that my grandma lucy, me, cousins, and aunts rocked out with in the kitchen that one wonderful magical evening when I was about 12 years old. The cat’s tails were microphones.
    The music…might have been AC/DC.

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